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The NEW Approach to Fitness!

The general population is looking for functional fitness that is more than about just looking good and losing weight but will also facilitate having more energy, hurting less (arthritis, back/knee/hip pain, physical dysfunction, etc) and be less at risk for diseases that are associated with inactivity.  Cross training at Fitnessxt does all of this and more!  We build skills for “life” as well as a body you can be proud of!  Now in two locations:  Big Rapids & Grand Rapids!

Fitnessxt FAQ

How do I get started?

To get started, attend a FREE Intro to Kettlebell + Cross Training Quick Start Class. Email Liberty to find out workshop dates/times and/or to register. You MUST attend a Quick Start Class or an Intro to Kettlebell workshop to attend the daily classes due to the fast pace of the sessions and that we want you to derive the MOST results in the SHORTEST time possible!

What are Kettlebells?

A “Kettlebell” is a form of training that incorporates Ab/Core, Cardio/Vo2 Max & Strength Training all in one Tool! Today, the majority of people attempting what they think is functional training, based on what they see in the gym & magazines, have core deficiencies that pre-dispose them to injury when exercising or even when they perform simple everyday tasks. Kettlebells + Cross Training are excellent for anyone because they are extremely biomotor-rich forms of exercise that improve everyday skills for "real people" and also help athletes excel in their sports training! With guided use by one of our certified instructors, Kettlebells + Cross Training are for people of all ages & levels of ability. They are also ideal for anyone with limited training time because you can get a fantastic workout with them in as little as 15-30 minutes!

What can I expect at the Quick Start Class?

A gentle transition into the exercises, teaching you proper technique and safety measures to re-establish your mind/muscle connection. Upon completion of the Workshop you will be given a coupon good for one FREE class, then you will have many membership options to choose from that suit your schedule and budget.


Vega Sport Nutrition System - Better Doesn't Make Excuses

Services Offered

  • Nutritional Weight Loss Programs - The Diet Doc Program of West Michigan!
  • Sports Nutrition Program for Athletes
  • Intro to Kettlebell Instructional Workshops
  • Specialized & Daily Group Kettlebell + Cross Training Fitness Classes
  • Elite Sports Team Training (Entry, Collegiate & Pro)
  • Corrective Exercise/Functional Training
  • GS Kettlebell Sport Competition Training
  • Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness Model, Physique & Bikini Competition Preparation
  • Fit Body 12 week Transformations with Diet, Workouts, Support, Challenges, Team Atmosphere!
  • Glute Specific 6 week Posterior Chain Classes
  • Olympic Technique Training 6 week Classes - Beginner & Advanced

There are many reasons why you may want to become a member. Explore your motivation and email Liberty for a FREE consultation!