Fitnessxt Kettlebell Team crushed the IKFF World kettlebell sport competition November 5, 2016 in Novi, Mi!!

Posted on November 18, 2016 in News


Team Results
Sandy Doyle 16kg bell, 200 Snatches 144 Jerks
Ken Starner 16kg bell 202 Snatches 20kg bell 100 Snatches
David Yocca 2-16kg bell Jerk 110 reps, 16kg bell 237 reps Snatches
Megh Cochran 12kg bell Long Cycle 88 reps, 12 kg Snatch 127 reps (at six months pregnant!)
Mike Wysocki 2-20kg bells Jerk 78 reps, 20kg Snatch 159 reps
Luanne Shaw 20 kg bell Long Cycle 96 reps, 16 kg Snatch 144 reps
Jerry Gray, Honored and proud to be their coach! (30 reps 12kg Double Bell Long Cycle & 97 reps 16 kg 5 minute Snatch)



Sandy Doyle
Was awarded the Best overall Female veteran lifter in the Biathalon Kettlebell Lift at the USA Nationals in Chicago, June 2016, completing 156 Kettlebell jerks and 193 Kettlebell snatches in her 10 minute sets. She set PR’s in both! The USA National Championships is the qualifier event to select the athletes who will represent the USA in the World Championship in Kazakhstan, in which Sandy will compete and represent FITNESSXT with our pride!